CRESTCon UK Streams

With a focus on penetration testing, incident response and threat intelligence, there are four streams at the event and delegates are free to move between them.

  • Stream 1 – Penetration testing (techniques, tools and war stories)
  • Stream 2 – Threat intelligence & Incident Response
  • Stream 3 – Training
  • Stream 4 – Academic
CRESTCon UK 2022 Tickets

Stream 1  Penetration Testing

CRESTCon UK 2022 Tickets

Stream 2  Threat Intelligence & Incident Response

CRESTCon UK 2022 Tickets

Stream 3  Training

CRESTCon UK 2022 Tickets
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The last physical event in the UK welcomed over 450 delegates from the security industry in a wide range of positions that ranged from CISOs and senior managers, through to senior penetration testers, threat intelligence analysts and brand new entrants to the industry.

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CRESTCon UK 2022 Tickets