CRESTCon 2021 Presentations

The CRESTCon 2021 digital brochure, with full details on all of the speakers and presentations, is available to download here.

Videos of the 202 1presentations and previous years are available on the CREST YouTube channel.

Penetration Testing Stream Presentations

Sarka Pekarova, Cybersecurity Consultant, SureCloud The Pirate Queen’s Techniques to social engineer her targets (and how you can too)

Incident Response and Threat Intelligence Stream Presentations

Thomas V. Fischer, Security Advocate & Threat Researcher, FVT SecOps Consulting Building a Personal Data Focused Incident Response Plan to Address Breach Notification

Training Stream Presentations

Costas Senekkis, Senior Security Analyst, ICSI Mandatory Access Control Essentials with SELinux
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Last year’s event in the UK welcomed over 450 delegates from the security industry in a wide range of positions that ranged from CISOs and senior managers, through to senior penetration testers, threat intelligence analysts and brand new entrants to the industry.

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CRESTCon UK 2021 Tickets